Global Tequila Producer Optimising Its Practices

Jose Cuervo, Proximo Spirits

Over the past five years, Proximo Spirits have driven double-digit growth through the successful premiumisation of its category-leading tequila and whiskey brands while maintaining a 250-year artisanal production tradition. 

With this high growth, the company turned to Decision Intelligence to dynamically predict demand using the most recent data available from various sources, manage inventory more effectively and respond to change quickly.

According to Luis Gonzalez, Global Supply Chain Director, Becle, the company partnered with Aera for its proven track record driving business outcomes through Decision Intelligence and the commitment to its vision. 

"Aera Technology shares our focus on creating solutions that will evolve our decision-making to maximise opportunities, elevate service, and position Proximo Spirits for long-term success," said Gonzalez.

Using Aera Decision Cloud, purpose-built for Decision Intelligence, Proximo Spirits will improve and accelerate its forecast and demand planning decisions across product lines in the U.S.A. and Canada. 

This includes developing and deploying a Forecast-as-a-Service Skill, and future Aera Skills, that will enable customised, digitised decision-making to understand, recommend, act, and learn for Proximo Spirits' specific business case.

"It's an honour to partner with the passionate team at Proximo Spirits," said Fred Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology. 

Laluyaux shared that the company was looking forward to working together to help Proximo Spirits realise new opportunities and drive value through Decision Intelligence for the company's premium spirits and loyal customers. 

Aera is working alongside its partners at Deloitte Consulting to provide the tools and the process to enable Proximo's demand planning capability.