Online ordering is booming and is set to grow rapidly over the next few years. Making sure your business can take advantage of this growth trend just got a whole lot easier. CafeApps launched in New Zealand earlier this year and is rapidly gaining ground with its low price and easy to use solutions that makes ordering a coffee, lunch or a pizza, super simple for your customers.

“There is a lot of technology available out there that will take an order, provide discount coupons or even provide a loyalty program” but none of them do everything in the one program”, says founder James Crowson who returned to NZ after selling his business in Australia last year.

“Hospitality is one of the busiest industries in town and one where time is crucial to both customer satisfaction and profits. By creating an app specifically for a café or restaurant we are able to combine all these essential tools, to improve communication and interaction for customers while providing a very valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Those times when Cafes are quiet, the app provides an instant and effective bonus of delivering an instant offer to customers nearby, through the use of push technology. Simply edit a coupon and hit send. Within seconds customers can be notified of a short special or discount.

“We started with Café apps a few months ago as we felt we were losing customers due to waiting times. We are a busy café, and at certain points people in a hurry would drive by or leave the queue to get back to work. Introducing the app has seen online ordering grow steadily and we now receive over 50 app orders a week”, claims Brian from Ebony Coffee in Palmerston North.

Café Apps is certainly affordable. James says the pricing model was based on the direction large software companies are adopting with very low set up costs and a low monthly fee to keep everything running smoothly with the constant updates to technology. Traditionally an app can cost thousands to develop and hundreds more to keep updated. At CaféApps we combine the development and update costs across all our customers enabling us to offer each business its own app for as little as $10 a week.

Contact the team at CafeApps and they will show you all the ways an app can boost your business.