Free Online Course for Owners and Managers

As the pandemic continues to put the hospitality industry under huge strain The Hospitality Company (THC) wanted to do a small part to provide some hope and optimism.

Over the last two years the team at THC has worked with so many determined hospitality business owners and managers who have 'controlled the controllable's' (as they say at THC) and have created stronger businesses and more engaged teams.

Some of the training and content that has helped THC’s clients through this period is now available via this new Free INTRO Course.

This course provides those Owners and Managers who have yet to complete a course with THC the opportunity to see a small fraction of its content and the system it uses to deliver its business and management best practice training.

If you or your Managers are looking for learning and development opportunities to improve profitability and attract great staff then this free course is a great place to start.

For more information or to register, visit