Flood Funding

The Government has announced it will provide a further $1 million to the Mayoral Relief Fund to help communities in Auckland following the flooding. The focus continues to be responding to the emergency event.

“Cabinet agreed that given the severity of the event a further $1 million contribution be made. Cabinet wishes to be proactive and get ahead of any formal application from the Council,” said Kieran McAnulty, Minister for Emergency Management.

“This is the most significant contribution to a Mayoral Relief Fund ever and ensures that funding is being provided to the affected communities as quickly as possible.”

The previous highest emergency relief fund was $300,000 given to Nelson last year. 

“I anticipate this will be welcome support to the numerous community-run centres across the city, as this could assist them in their support of their communities. The fund will be administered by Auckland Council. However, this funding could assist to provide support in dealing with things such as providing essential needs like food and clothing, as well as cleaning up damaged properties in areas where support is not otherwise available.

“Mayoral Relief Funds help communities bounce back after an emergency. Local communities and councils understand where the immediate needs are and how to help whānau, community organisations and marae. The local community knows the needs best, and it’s only appropriate they determine how best to apply these funds.”