First Table, the innovative restaurant book platform, has celebrated its fourth birthday by launching in Indonesia. Since starting with Queenstown restaurants, First Table spread across New Zealand, Australia, and, most recently, the UK and Ireland with London and Dublin joining the international cities earlier this year. On Monday, First Table launched in Indonesia with 20 restaurants on Bali island.

Weir came up with the concept for First Table after observing that restaurants often had slow starts to evenings. This is a self-perpetuating problem because diners are more reluctant to go into an empty restaurant.

With its growing presence around the world, First Table’s next foray will be in North America.

First Table has gone from a team of one to a team of 12. Five people are based in Queenstown and the rest live throughout the world.

“From day one, I’ve tried to ignore the ‘rules’ of traditional business to build First Table,” Weir said.

“We don’t believe in nine to fives and set offices. I’ve found that you get far better results if you simply give people the flexibility to live and work in places which inspire them, and entrust them to get the job done however they want to do it.

“First Table truly couldn’t be here without the team we’ve built up over the four years. I’m as proud of the team culture we’ve fostered as I am about the fact that we’ve helped a thousand restaurants grow and a quarter million diners discover fantastic places to eat.”