Hospitality equipment specialist, Silver Chef, have developed a new platform allowing for prospective customers to experience their business through virtual reality. Silver Chef is currently the only company to be using the technology which situates customers inside a café or restaurant, simulating a realistic representation of what their business could look like.

“We achieved $60,000 in applications directly after the launch of our virtual reality programme in Sydney and Brisbane, so expect to see some pretty significant results in New Zealand as well,” said Toni Firth, marketing manager, Silver Chef.

The technology is set to launch in New Zealand at the Fine Food NZ show in Auckland on June 26 to 28, making it the first time the technology has been trialled at a New Zealand trade show.

“The technology allows prospective customers to view rental equipment in a real-life restaurant as well as a café, and also offers them a captivating experience, which helps make a new restaurant or café feel more achievable,” said Firth.