Under, a Norwegian restaurant which is set to become Europe’s first underwater restaurant, is now taking reservations. The venue will open in April and promises diners a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“We'll attract tourists from all over the world,” said project head Gaute Ubostad. “That is our goal. I hope and believe that this will be the start of a new age for the travel industry.”

The building was constructed on a barge, before being shipped to Båly when it was partially submerged and secured to the ocean floor. Guests will access the restaurant by land, walking down a staircase to reach the dining room.

"I think the most exciting experience will be visiting the restaurant during rough weather," said Rune Grasdal, one of the architects. "It will be fantastic to see the sea surface broken up by the big waves and the rain, making for a very dramatic view -- although you will still feel safe and relaxed inside the restaurant."

The structure will also double as a marine research facility, with its exterior walls eventually becoming a mussel reef.