EU | KFC Germany Apologises for “Insensitive” Message

Fried chicken giant, KFC has issued an apology after sending a push notification to app users in Germany with an “insensitive and unacceptable message” on the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Kristallnacht, meaning the “night of broken glass,” took place on the night of November 9, 1938, when Nazi officials led and encouraged violent mobs to destroy Jewish synagogues and other property, the US Holocaust Museum reported. The violence lasted 48 hours.

KFC app users in Germany received a push notification on Wednesday, November 9, that said, “It’s memorial day for Kristallnacht! Treat yourself with more tender cheese on your crispy chicken. Now at KFC,” according to a translation from BBC.

“All told, approximately 7500 Jewish-owned businesses, homes, and schools were plundered, and 91 Jews were murdered,” the Holocaust Museum wrote. “An additional 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.”

About an hour after the initial notification, KFC Germany sent another notification with an apology, photos on Twitter show.

“We are very sorry; we will check our internal processes immediately so that this does not happen again. Please excuse this error.”

The company said it uses “a semi-automated content creation process linked to calendars that include national observances” but that its “internal review process was not properly followed, resulting in a non-approved notification being shared.”

“We understand and respect the gravity and history of this day, and remain committed to equity, inclusion and belonging for all,” the company said.