Elevating the Restaurant Experience with Google Cloud

Wendy's is hoping Google Cloud can elevate its restaurant experience.

The burger chain announced it is partnering with Google Cloud to use its data-drive insights to improve experiences for both customers and employees.

The chain said it would use Google Cloud's artificial intelligence, machine learning and hybrid cloud tools to create new ways for customers to order through drive-thru's or mobile devices.

For example, the company said it could use speech-to-text or Google Search and Maps to improve the ordering process, making it faster and more convenient.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the greatest experience possible, and our partnership with Google Cloud is raising the bar by enabling us to match the experience to their preferences," said Wendy's chief information officer Kevin Vasconi.

"We believe Google Cloud's AI/ML and data analytics solutions will enable Wendy's to innovate ways to create fast, frictionless, and fun interactions that redefine the way customers visit and enjoy our restaurants."

As its preferred cloud provider, Wendy's expects to leverage Google Cloud's AI, machine learning (ML), data analytics, Looker business intelligence and analytics tool, and Anthos modernisation platform to both modernise its operations and create brand new services using Google's cloud.