Eco-friendly Solutions for Plastic Free July

The hospitality industry upholds a strict standard of health and safety protocols which requires intense cleaning and safety practices. With these practical and affordable eco-friendly alternatives, taking a step towards going green is made easy.

photo credit: Webstaurant

Noble CitraKleen All Purpose Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

With a 5 star rating from over 30 reviews, this cleaner really is the people’s choice. CitraKleen is all-purpose and will shine up any non-porous surface such as tile, porcelain, concrete, stainless steel and chrome. With such versatility, this cleaner will degrease cooking areas, scrub away tough dirt on tiled floors, and wash away mineral build-up in the bathroom. After cleaning, the orange scent is both refreshing and pleasant, so your kitchen will not only look clean, it will smell great too. The scent is from natural citrus ingredients, and CitraKleen is
biodegradable and Kosher certified. Get rid of tough
grease and dirt build-up without the use of harsh,
caustic chemicals with Noble’s CitraKleen All-Purpose
Cleaner and Degreaser.

photo credit: Webstaurant

HAY! Straws 500 pack

A byproduct of wheat production, HAY! Straws are made from natural wheat stems. A superior alternative to both plastic and paper straws, HAY! Straws are biodegradable and reduce plastics in the environment. They can also be used in hot drinks, unlike most plastic straws, and don’t go soggy like paper straws. As they are made from wheat, they are also compostable in home composters. No two straws are the same either due to the naturally occurring variance in their plant source. The straws are also hand-packed into cardboard boxes for a completely plastic-free product.

photo credit: Webstaurant

Fineline Pre-rolled CPLA Utensil Kit

Some customers are not keen on the natural wooden takeaway utensil, which is why these Fineline pre-rolled napkins and black CPLA utensil kits are perfect for both staff and customers. This compostable and disposable flatware and utensil kit is an eco-friendly option for your takeout service. Each piece of flatware is made from renewable resources. The pre-rolled kit saves time for your staff, is convenient for customers to takeaway, and the matching black adds a modern touch.

Biodegradable Bin Liner

photo credit: BioPak

Biopak’s BioPlastic bin liners are a great start to becoming eco-friendly in your

establishment. Certified for both home and commercial composting, these bin liners are made from Ecopond bioplastic – a synthetic biodegradable bioplastic combined with plant starch. These bin liners are accepted by any organic waste collection service, but if they do end up in the environment, they will biodegrade faster than conventional plaster liners. As the hospitality industry one of the biggest contributors to waste in NZ, making this small change will have a big impact.

Compostable Gloves

photo credit: ECPCompostables

Foodservice requires the strictest hygiene standards and procedures to maintain health and safety standards. Nearly every staff member in the kitchen is required to wear gloves, either when preparing food or cleaning, and used gloves go straight in the bin. These gloves by ecpcompostables are food safe and certified commercially compostable. They are a great option for food-service businesses looking to reduce plastic waste.

Compostable Knock Box Liner

photo credit: ECPCompostables

Also by ecpcompostables are these compostable coffee knock box liners. A sustainable and compostable alternative, these liners are designed to make coffee grind collection and transportation easy and mess-free. These liners are both home and commercially certified compostable, with a micron thickness that adds durability when full of grinds.
If you let customers take your full bags, they will love
the fact they can put the whole bag into their garden composter.

photo credit: Urnex

Biocaf Coffee Machine Cleaner

Coffee residue and oils can build up in your coffee equipment, but using chemical cleaners can leave residue, which affects the taste of your coffee. Made with all-natural, organic, biodegradable, and phosphate-free ingredients, Biocaf’s cleaning powder removes residue and oil without harsh chemicals or residue. The powder form also offers a convenient and easily controlled cleaning method.