Deliveroo, an online food delivery service, has launched a food procurement scheme that allows restaurants the opportunity to purchase ingredients and supplies through Deliveroo at improved rates. Deliveroo said that they had been trialling the initiative for over a year, and had saved some companies up to 40 percent on their ordering, as well as improving their food quality.

Not only does this scheme save money on ingredients, but cleaning supplies and packaging products, for instance, are also included.

Deliveroo’s commitment to their partners through this act of support is particularly meaningful to smaller restaurants who may have found it harder to absorb the rising costs of ingredients and labour. Deliveroo said that this new service is a part of its drive to be the partner of choice for restaurants.

The scheme itself involves the negotiation of costs between Deliveroo, who can leverage their size, know-how, and list of existing partnerships, to get better prices. On top of this, customers will, in turn, have access to a wider range of options from Deliveroo, all using the freshest produce available. While this is only offered in the U.K. at the moment, Deliveroo expects 5000 partners to be using this service by the end of the year, whereby then, the hope is that it’ll be in Spain, France, and the U.A.E., as well.