Daniel Wilson // Huxtable & Huxtaburger

Daniel Wilson_Smoked Pork Cheek_copyright Hardie Grant Books and copyright photographer Chris Middleton.
On the cusp of opening his fifth Huxtaburger store in Eastland, chef and partner Daniel Wilson is rapidly expanding his dining options across Australia.

Having worked at Paramount, Tribeca, Restaurant Daniel NYC, Blakes Restaurant and Arintji in Melbourne, Wilson’s experience is proving vital in the growth of the Huxtaburger business.

“We make sure the culture in the kitchen is that of nurturing, encouragement and learning. I don’t believe fear is a motivator but that team work and camaraderie are very important. Given that we work long, hard hours we need to all get on well,” said Wilson.

Wilson explained his love of chilli, meats and seafood is impossible to pin down to a single favourite ingredient, but recognises the popularity of finger lime, which he uses on the menu.

Asian food plays into Wilsons culinary offering, explaining how his Korean BBQ pork ribs would follow him regardless of where he worked, and expressing his desire to further travel to and investigate Asia, more specifically Japan.

“I am in love with Japanese ingredients and the way they use them with simplicity and purity,” said Wilson.

Having trained successful restaurateur Dylan Jones in 2001, said his biggest accomplishment is running a business that allows him to directly train and help staff grow. Jones now runs Bolan; a Bangkok restaurant regarded as the second best Thai food in the city behind David Thompson’s, Nahm.

Daniel Wilson