Megan Wyper

Restaurant and Cafe chatted with Megan Wyper, sales and marketing manager for Acme & Co., about the thought that goes into curating a coffee cup. 

Acme & Co. is the brainchild of Jeff Kennedy and is widely known for its speciality coffee cups, among other things. In relation to New Zealand’s crockery industry, there are few places better versed in terms of functionality and style.

“There’s no perfect cup,” explained Megan Wyper, sales and marketing manager of Acme & Co. “It totally depends on the drink you’re serving and how you want it to be perceived. The perfect cup is personal. It’s the cup that you love to drink from.”

Providing residents with a vessel that is suited to the drink of their choice adds a touch of class to any drinking experience. That is perhaps why Wyper highlighted a particular trend in the crockery industry. “It’s really exciting to see people taking the time choosing what they use with such care and attention.”

This touch of personalisation influences the design decisions that Acme make. “Functional products that we would want to use.” With a direct link to a café, Prefab Café, in Wellington, Acme has the perfect space to research what is needed in the industry, and then develop an appropriate product. “Form and function are what we are focusing on when designing; then we look at what our customer needs are and design products using this as our brief.” Doing this helps the customer appreciate the attention to detail, thoughtfulness and quality of the crockery.

Acme & Co.’s forward-thinking ability is contributing to one of its upcoming releases, the Roman. The Roman is a response to the evolving espresso culture. “Espresso has become lighter in flavour, longer shots are being poured and what it’s served in should reflect that.” Additionally, Acme & Co. have a cutlery range planned that would match its teaspoon range.