Craft beer flight less than successful

The world’s first craft beer flight had a limp ending after the bar was drunk dry and the toilet tanks were full, only three-quarters of the way through the flight.

Brew Dog Airlines, a charter flight between the UK and US, was arranged for fans who invested in the ‘Equity for Punks’ crowdfunding campaign last October. Passengers were flown from London’s Stansted airport to the company’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, where they would have a tour of the factory and visit the DogHouse hotel and a range of craft breweries based in Cincinatti. Passengers were also treated to a new brew, the Flight Club 4.5% IPA, which was brewed with citra hops to combat the effects of cabin pressure on the palate.

“The toilet system on board tapped out shortly before our descent into Ohio,” a Brew Dog spokesperson said. “But our passengers and the crew remained in high spirits – it didn’t spoil their experience on the world’s first craft beer airline!”