An increased demand for vegan dishes has led one of New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing café brands to expand its menu, only months after introducing its first vegan dishes. The Coffee Club New Zealand is introducing five new items including:

Vegan Rosti Stack: Homemade potato rosti, baby spinach, smashed avocado and peas, balsamic mushrooms.

Loaded Veggie Ciabatta: Toasted ciabatta with balsamic mushrooms, caramelised onion, roasted red capsicum, baby spinach, aioli and cheese, served with chips.

Mediterranean Pizza: Tortilla base, Napoli sauce, roasted red capsicum, bruschetta mix, mushrooms, cheese, baby spinach.

“We had a lot of positive feedback when we introduced vegan options to the menu earlier this year,” said Andy Lucas, co-director and marketing manager. “A number of people are looking to improve their diet and eat more plant-based foods, and as a result we have introduced this new vegan menu.”

“There was lots of input from our vegan customers on the dishes, we now have more items on our menu that appeal to a wider range of tastes. Vegan and vegetarian options are continually growing in popularity, people are more conscious of what they eat – regardless of whether they identify as a vegan or vegetarian.”