Coffee Cards of the Future

Coffee Stamp began with one main vision: to simply replace traditional cardboard coffee cards.

Founded in 2017 by Barney and Jessie Hyde, Coffee Stamp has allowed customers to easily access and keep track of their coffee purchases, as well as to build on customer satisfaction and engagement. As a cafe owner and part of a New Zealand franchise, Hyde was involved in the search for a replacement for cardboard coffee cards. 

Having been a developer, Hyde initiated the development of a trial product to fill the space and tested it in his own cafe. Coffee Stamp has grown rapidly since, and the technology has been adopted by the franchise network. In 2022, Coffee GetGo was developed and released for online sales.

Coffee Stamp has been proven to be very accessible for businesses to operate, and customers can simply download it from the App Store or Google Play store for immediate use. Coffee Stamp can be accessed by businesses through a device such as an iPad or tablet.

Hyde said that setting up an account to receive the full benefits of Coffee Stamp is only a phone call away and can be up and running within a matter of hours. There is no set up fee, and an easy monthly subscription with no contract.

“Customers immediately dispose of their cardboard cards, and for those in a hurry with limited time, GetGo offers them order ahead, get it and go solution,” said Hyde.

The Coffee Stamp system has been developed to be as efficient and beneficial to business owners as possible. Coffee Stamp has established growth within customer databases, which is integral to marketing initiatives, and has also provided a platform for digital vouchers for email and social marketing campaigns. 

The integrated Coffee GetGo customer app has made ordering food and drinks a breeze, and improved security and email alerts have been developed in case of misuse. This has also allowed targeted advertising to both the most frequent and least frequent customers.

The daily transaction function can be used when needed to appraise recent card activity, or can be useful to address customer queries and, on occasion, for security reasons. Coffee Stamp has also been developed to work offline during such events as power outages, and is designed to store up to 50 transactions locally, uploading them to the cloud once a connection is re-established.

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