Hell Pizza is getting away with their fake meat stunt without any formal action. In June, Hell Pizza released a pizza that was said to contain ‘medium-rare burger patty’. Instead, the ‘meat’ was, in fact, Beyond Meat plant-based protein. Although there was a rather mild reaction from the public—some didn’t mind at all, some were slightly annoyed—there were concerns that the stunt could have endangered those with allergens.

Following the release, the Ministry for Primary Industries launched an investigation, concluding that although the product didn’t meet food standards, the situation didn’t warrant a formal warning or more severe action.

“Pea protein is not a listed allergen, and therefore there is no legal requirement for the company to declare that the patty was derived from pea protein,” said Gary Orr, the ministry’s acting director of compliance. “Where an incidence of non-compliance has caused serious harm to public health, the behaviour is deliberate or reckless, or the conduct is repeated, a different approach would be taken.”