Carimali Debuts Latest Equipment with Induction Technology

photo credit: Heylo

Italian espresso equipment producer Carimali has launched a new sub-brand called Heylo that will soon be releasing a new line of coffee and milk equipment featuring induction heating technology.

Two machines from Heylo include an espresso machine and a separate milk frother, designed to either stand-alone, stand together, or as part of a larger setup.

Heylo's boiler-free system is designed to rapidly heat small quantities of water or milk for coffee drinks by channelling the liquids through conductive metal tubes surrounded by electromagnetic induction coils.

Power usage is reduced, according to Heylo, because when not actively brewing, the only power consumed is by the digital screen. When the machine is extracting, it will consume 600-700 watts or less of electricity, Heylo claimed.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted during extraction for temperature profiling. Flow and pressure profiling is also facilitated through the touchscreen.

The milk module operates with two inductors instead of one, allowing for more precise temperature control. Milk is frothed with air, not steam, which can create cold foamy milk.

Both the espresso and milk modules will be able to be plumbed in or have onboard reservoirs.

Both modules are expected to be released at the same time because an espresso machine without the milk module would be incomplete for professional use.

The Heylo modules are expected to release in Spring 2022.