The ships of the desert are now the ships of the dinner plate at one Adelaide restaurant. Max Mason, the owner of Henry Austin, an innovative eatery in the South Australian capital, enjoys the “rich, dark and not gamey at all” flavour of camel and is waiting for feedback on the experimental dishes.

“We char it on an open fire and serve it off the bone, with heirloom carrots, ice plant and macadamia cream. And we are also trialling a camel tartare, which is an even better way of getting the true camel flavour.”

Exotic meats such as camel, kangaroo or more standard game birds and boar now account for over 10 percent of all steaks sold in Australia, with the popularity of beef and pork steaks declining as dining out becomes the opportunity for a culinary experience, shareable on social media. Eight Restaurant at the Langham Auckland offers a range of steaks such as alpaca and ostrich, and Dariush Loliay of iconic game restaurant Cazador was named Best Chef in Auckland this year for his restaurant’s unique treatment of game meats.