Flavour Burst is a brand new, family friendly range from Hauraki BCL. Coming up to its 25th birthday, the company proudly makes a broad range of food and beverage ingredient products from natural essences to ginger beer kits and deluxe brewing products. With a strong presence, here and overseas, the company’s products are exported throughout Australia and the Pacific with some specialty products being sold in Europe and North America. It has also provided a product development service for other manufacturers for many years and is the distributor for brands such as Coopers,  Prestige, Bulldog and River Valley for New Zealand . The Flavour Burst range was a natural extension for the company, as this family business wanted fun yet healthy options for ‘treats’. The range was expanded again into sports drinks, with very little in the market of sport drink concentrates to compete. Budget friendly, ready to drink, sugar free and high mineral options are now offered. The range now offers 12 unique product lines, including Sportzade Ready to Drink and Concentrates, Milkshake, Slushie and Iceblock Mixes, Soda Concentrates, and Syrups. Each of the 80 products has its own unique point of difference and all are great tasting, great value and offer great margins.

“Since adding Flavour Burst Syrups to our Milkshake Menu, our sales have increased four-fold and out sell the standard flavours 12-1. Our café is now known throughout Wanganui as the place to go for the best milkshakes in town. We have also found the syrups to be very versatile and we use them in our baking” said Wendy Spence from Aramoho Lunch Bar. For more information visit www.flavourburst.co.nz