Burger King to launch a vegan burger

Burger King is set to launch a vegan burger patty at all of its stores across America. All of Burger Kings 7000 plus stores will see the arrival of Burger King’s vegan option, replacing their already popular veggie burger. Burger King’s suppliers, MorningStar Farms is going entirely vegan by 2021. Currently, the veggie burger at Burger King is not suitable for vegans as it contains milk and egg.

When Burger King releases their vegan burger, this will make them the biggest U.S. chain to offer a vegan option, overtaking Carl’s Jr. Burger King had formerly been the first chain to introduce a vegetarian option, 17 years ago. While the burger has remained a popular choice amongst consumers, Burger King’s latest move towards veganism comes in reaction to American eating trends over the last few years.

According to Global Data, between 2014 and 2017, the population of vegans in the U.S. increased 600 percent. Vegans used to represent 1 percent of the population; now they represent 6 percent. On top of this, health trends are becoming increasingly prevalent, and Burger King’s move to a plant-based option is expected to be met with popularity amongst health-concerned consumers. One of the most significant influencing factors is the move for a more sustainable way of eating. Plant-based diets present themselves as a good alternative for many people. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that people are cutting meat entirely out of their lives, having the option to choose a plant-based meal is something that consumers appreciate.

Burger King, along with McDonald’s, already offer vegan options abroad, this will be the first time that either of the two offers them on U.S. soil. McDonald’s said that plant-based possibilities are something that they are keeping their eyes on.

The release date for Burger King’s vegan burger in the U.S. has not been confirmed. New Zealand customers have been told that Burger King NZ is working on a vegan option.