Burger Fuel’s fake parking ticket adverts cause controversy

Burger Fuel has received public backlash regarding their fake parking adverts left on cars. The adverts in question are made to look like parking tickets, but instead, grant the recipient free fries with aioli with the purchase of any regular sized Burger Fuel burger.

Chris Burt, an Auckland man, received one of the adverts and is upset about it. Rather than wanting to use the voucher, he stressed that he would rather avoid it now. He pulled over after seeing the ticket flapping in the wind. “You know that stomach-sinking feeling you get when you get a ticket? Yeah, I had that.” Burt said that the ticket was “stupid”.

Buerger Fuel responded by saying that their advertising schemes were usually received differently. “The idea behind the tickets is to surprise and delight the recipients. For the most part, this seems to be the result. We have given out tens of thousands of them over the years, and the feedback has generally been very positive.”

“Like most marketing activity, we have also had the odd complaint during that time, too. We value an open and transparent dialogue with the people of New Zealand and welcome any direct feedback and/or discussion around the parking tickets—our inbox is always open.”