BurgerFuel has taken legal action against a North Indian burger restaurant which copied their branding. The Burger Club, in New Delhi, used a similar logo and advertising to the highly successful New Zealand-based chain – one in a long line of copycat restaurants which are looking to piggyback off the success of Burger Fuel.

The Burger Club, as well as the logo and colour scheme, also uses a similar slogan – "engineering big juicy burgers" as opposed to BurgerFuel’s "engineering the ultimate burger" – and claims that it has "the best burgers in town from New Zealand". It also has a Kiwi Club Burger and kumara fries and offers a virtually identical ‘doofer’, used by BurgerFuel to hold burgers.

The fraud was first identified in June last year by a New Zealander living in Delhi.

"I just googled the best burgers in Delhi and this was one of the places that people recommended, and it was near my house, so I decided to go there and when I got there I was blown away by how similar everything was to New Zealand and to BurgerFuel in New Zealand," said author Karl Rock. The outlet in Delhi was one of three operated by The Burger Club.

A spokesperson from BurgerFuel said that the company had been in contact with The Burger Club and items that infringed intellectual property have since been removed, although there are still similarities.

"A lot of their new branding, you can see on their website is purple, but no longer has the BurgerFuel wings logo or the doofer," said Alexis Lam, BurgerFuel chief marketing officer. "Some countries pay little attention to trademark ownership. We do, however, feel in this particular case they are progressively removing our intellectual property as agreed.”

"BurgerFuel has a pretty unique brand in the industry so we get referenced and copied a lot," she said. "It's an ongoing problem that we and many other famous brands face on a daily basis."