A family dinner outing turned into an emergency after a three-year-old boy went into anaphylactic shock following eating a hot dog.

Kelly Chapman’s son Jack is allergic to milk, eggs, wheat and coconut. The family said they were assured that their son’s meal was safe and had alerted the establishment’s staff about his allergies, but shortly after eating the bun-less hotdog and fries, Jack started to be sick and a trip to the hospital in an ambulance followed. It turned out that the hot dog had non-fat dry milk in it. After leaving a comment on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Chapman said she was shocked to read their response.

“If you know you have problems then why don’t you just eat at home where you know exactly what the ingredients are, instead of trying to go to a restaurant (and all restaurants) in the first place. What happened here could happen at any restaurant – thank you very much for your review,” said the restaurant.