Billion-Dollar Franchises Coming to NZ

Image: TGI Fridays

Granting him licence to introduce a portfolio of global franchising heavyweights to the New Zealand market, Auckland businessman, Stewart Germann has announced an agreement with London-headquartered global franchise marketing and advisory company, World Franchise Associates.

The deal captures an initial portfolio of nine international franchise brands, including seven restaurants and two non-food brands, which together represent total global revenues exceeding $5 billion NZD and employ tens of thousands of staff around the world.

The portfolio includes the iconic TGI Fridays restaurant brand which was founded in the U.S in 1965 and now boasts almost 700 restaurants in more than 50 countries.

Other notable brands include the highly successful Earl of Sandwich chain, and relative newcomer Teriyaki Madness, which since opening in 2005 has expanded rapidly to 110+ restaurants around the world.

Germann, whose business, The Franchise Coach, specialises in both helping existing Kiwi businesses transition to a franchise model, and introducing international franchises to the New Zealand market, said the deal represents a significant opportunity for Kiwis who would like to leverage the power of global brands with proven successful models, for New Zealand customers.

“Having access to this portfolio of global opportunities means that when Kiwi clients approach me, we can be very strategic about marrying them with the right sort of opportunity.

“We can look at any relevant expertise, location, financial and lifestyle considerations they might have, and set prospective franchisees up with a recipe for success that’s been tested in the most competitive global markets.”