To celebrate their 174th birthday, and the anniversary of their arrival in New Zealand, Czech Brewers Pilsner Urquell are introducing a range of beer-infused products in collaboration with talented Kiwi artisans.
Andrew Fearnside of Wild Wheat Bakery has released a Pilsner Urquell-infused sourdough loaf, available from all Wild Wheat stores for the RRP of $7.00.
In accompaniment, Daniel and Sarah Jenkins of Kaikoura Cheese have created a four-week-old pasteurised cow’s milk cheese washed in Pilsner Urquell; aptly named “Taking the Pils”.
Daniel describes the cheese as being “almost like buttery popcorn”. It’s available in store in Sabato in Auckland for $11.00 per 100g, due to Pilsner Urquell’s close working relationship with Sabato cheese-monger, Calum Hodgson.
Westmere Butchery has also curated a Pilsner Urquell beer-infused sausage, from the creative mind of butcher David Rossiter. It’s available in-store for $15.95 per kilogramme.
Finally, Wellington-based Czech chocolatier George Havlik of Bohemein Chocolates has created a beer-and-hop-infused chocolate. It features a dark chocolate shell and a sweet running caramel infused with Pilsner Urquell and Czech Saaz hops, for $14.00 for a pack of six.
Pilsner Urquell beer ambassador David Holan commented, “These craftsmen know us well, and we know them, so when the idea came to collaborate on a product for the people, it felt right.”
“We hope the consumers love the products as much as we do, and that we continue to grow the range in future months.”
The range will be available from November onwards.