K Road restaurant Gemmayze Street has partnered with Everybody Eats to use food that would normally go to landfill to feed the homeless. Every Monday Gemmayze Street runs a ‘pay as you feel’ three-course meal.

"The idea is that everybody can come," says Everybody Eats founder Nicholas Loosley. "We don't ask questions of who is coming, any culture, any age, any socio-economic background, it doesn't matter."

The meal, prepared by volunteers, feeds about 150 and is made entirely from food which would have otherwise been disposed of. Meals can include Indian spiced kumara soup or banana cake with caramel sauce and ice cream.

“We want everybody to feel comfortable regardless of whether they are paying or not. So, people simply come up to a tin and put money in it, nobody is watching or needs to facilitate this. The idea is that everybody gets exactly the same meal whether you’ve got lots of money to give, or no money. It makes people realise that we are all the same.”