Future is ethical, says MBIE

The MBIE has released a report that signals the growing demand for more sustainable and ethical foods. However, AgResearch could block further research.

The report, prepared by Sapere Research Group, identified trends likely to affect the future of food and farming and the implications for New Zealand’s science and innovation system. In the same report, AgResearch indicated they would block any research that could disrupt the industry.

SAFE Eat Kind Programme Coordinator, Krysta Neve says AgResearch should take notice of the trends and help the industry adapt to a changing world.

“Compassionate Kiwis are demanding products that are kinder to the earth and its inhabitants,” said SAFE Eat Kind director Krysta Neve. “Alternative proteins such as plant-based and cellular proteins could address some of the nation’s biggest issues. This includes climate change, animal welfare and our health.”

“The report shows New Zealanders want foods that are more sustainable and ethical. They’re concerned about the effect industrial agriculture is having on animal welfare and the environment. We would like to see AgResearch use the information in the report to adapt now.”

According to the report, New Zealand can feed at most 50 million people, and suggested that the industry should focus on feeding the wealthy.

“Our Primary Industries can no longer be all about profit and no responsibility. Our future relies on adapting to more ethical and sustainable products that will meet the nutritional needs of the planet.”