U.S | Taco Bell Launches New Business School

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 4: Protesters enter a Taco Bell as part of a demonstration for higher wages and better security for fast food workers on December 4, 2014 in Oakland, California. The Taco Bell has been the victim of numerous violent robberies but has no security guard. The protest was part of a nationwide day of demonstrations. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Taco Bell in the United States has announced that it is launching a "first-of-its-kind" training program to uplift operators from diverse backgrounds. 

The six-week Taco Bell Business School involves restaurant leaders learning the fundamentals of franchise ownership, infused with a "Taco Bell twist," the company said. Classes will educate operators on entrepreneurial skills, such as financing, growth and development, marketing, and human resources. 

“We know that fast food jobs are often seen as stepping stones to other careers,” CEO Mark King said in a statement.

“And we’re trying to change that. Through the Taco Bell Business School, we want to show our ambitious restaurant leaders how their careers could flourish at Taco Bell and see opportunities they may not have previously considered. We want to make foundational changes that positively impact our diverse team members’ growth.This program will teach them skills they need to climb the ladder – whether that’s moving up to the next level or even owning their own franchise one day.”

The chain is also working with existing franchisees to share experiences and inspire future operators. 

The business bootcamp will use existing curriculum from the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence, which was formed last year in partnership with the University of Louisville's College of Business to break down barriers for underrepresented communities wanting to learn more about franchising.