If there is one thing a chef is lacking in, it’s time. To create the finest French pastries, one must have not only time but supreme skills and baking flair. But before you give up and settle for a substandard pastry, cast your attention towards the new range of Viennoiseries to hit the New Zealand market.
This extensive range brought in from Belgium boasts all shapes and sizes of croissants, multigrain croissants, Danish pastries and many more sweet-filled delights. The whole product line is “take&bake”, meaning these all come pre-proofed and ready to pop into the oven. In a few short minutes, you can present French pastries that melt in your mouth. It doesn’t get any easier (or tastier!) than this. Available through all Bidvest branches across New Zealand.
For more information, visit www.emmajanes.co.nz.