SodaStream celebrates International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, SodaStream is launching a limited edition, collectable “SHE” reusable bottle. The bottle commemorates women who have encouraged other women to take a stand and have made impactful changes to their communities.

SodaStream is inviting women to share their stories of people who have inspired them. In an attempt to bring together a community, people are encouraged to tag their influencers and gather in solidarity. SodaStream will choose from the stories, and each of these women will be offered a “SHE” bottle. The bottles are all individually packaged and contain the message “She changed the world now it’s my turn”. The bottle is reusable, and the hope is that people will be encouraged to switch to more sustainable options.

Galit Zucker, SodaStream chief people officer, said, “At SodaStream, we take pride in empowering women from all backgrounds. In our factory, we employ women from many different communities and give them equal opportunity to build a career while respecting their religious norms. In that spirit, we are happy to take part in International Women’s Day celebrations and share our belief that every woman can make a change in this world.”

The bottle is not for sale and is exclusively available through the SodaStream global Instagram page: