Mushroom and potato strudel on a rustic wooden cutting board, top view

Meadows mushrooms are amazing for breakfast. A vitamin-packed superfood, mushrooms are the perfect start to the day combining b-group vitamins for energy, selenium for immunity as well as being low fat, and gluten and cholesterol free.

For a breakfast a little bit different – why not combine a mix of delicate white buttons with rich portabello baked into a crispy mushroom and potato strudel or a try a healthy and delicious mushroom and tomato shakshouka with the ultimate mix of middle-eastern spices.

Meadows is proud to be a kiwi-owned family business who grow hand-picked mushrooms 364 days a year in Canterbury. They have been producing mushrooms since 1970 and – always working to be one step better – their bagged mushrooms are now recyclable in the soft plastics recycling scheme.

Visit for recipe ideas and inspiration or contact your local distributor for more information.