Double Trouble

photo credit: Lux Espresso

Husband and wife food-lovers Jenny and Sung Park are establishing themselves as a power couple on the Christchurch café scene.

The couple has steadily built their reputation since their first successful café in Riccarton, which they sold in 2019 to takeover Lux Espresso, and will have more work on their plate in September as they open a second inner-city establishment, Doubles Café.

Mrs Park runs the Lux Espresso kitchen, supporting local businesses. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, and the meat comes from the local butchery. Even the bread is local.

The salads and baking are hand-made daily onsite by Mrs Park. The salads are always vegetarian or vegan, and there is always a vegetarian sandwich available. Vegan slices and gluten-free baking is also on the menu.

Lux Espresso also has a liquor licence, so every couple of months, when a new exhibition opens at Christchurch Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), they stay late on a Friday serving alcohol and bar snacks.

Their second café will add a lot of extra work, but Mr and Mrs Park are thrilled to have extra staff working with them at both venues. Doubles Café will be a bit more challenging, as it is open seven days a week, but they’re still super excited.