Domino’s Distributes $9.6 Million in Frontline Bonuses

In the United States, Domino’s has announced that they will be distributing $9.6 million in bonuses to 11,500 company-owned store and supply chain hourly team members and drivers this December. Team members will be eligible for up to $1,200 in extra compensation.

"We strive every day to uphold our values of doing the right thing and putting people first," said Domino's Chief Executive Officer Ritch Allison in a statement.

"We have the honour and privilege of being open and operating throughout the U.S. during this crisis, and we recognize that we could not be doing it without the hard work and dedication of our team members. This is our way of saying thank you to these remarkable people."

This is the second time Domino’s has offered extra compensation for hourly frontline workers. From March through May, Domino’s paid regular “thank you” bonuses to supply chain and company-owned store workers, in addition to offering paid time off for both full and part=time workers impacted by COVID-19.

Domino’s is not the only restaurant chain that has offered bonuses to its frontline workers. In March, YUM Brands gave out $1,000 bonuses to all restaurant general managers, and Starbucks announced a $3 pay raise in March for all working employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. McDonald’s also gave out ‘appreciation bonuses’ to workers at company-owned stores in May.