Dine-In Big Macs Only for the Fully Vaxxed

A McDonald’s New Zealand spokesman has confirmed that customers will need to present a vaccine pass to eat-in at its outlets.

The fast-food chain will continue to offer contactless service via drive-thru and McDelivery, where My Vaccine Pass will not be required.

Hospitality venues and close-contact businesses like bars and gyms will be able to stop those who are unvaccinated from entering their premises from December 3. Some business owners are concerned about a possible backlash.

“Hospitality businesses, in general, are going to need extra support from Government. It might be appropriate to supply increased police presence around these businesses because they are going to be victimised by anti-vaxxers,” suggested John Crocker, national secretary of Unite Union.

McDonald’s is just the latest in a long list of businesses and venues choosing to use the My Vaccine Pass system.