New Zealand venison is experiencing very strong demand worldwide, with the emphasis on grass fed, free range antibiotic and GMO-free product cementing its place in hospitality and foodservice as a premium protein. To date traditionally eaten mainly in Europe during the winter game season, New Zealand venison is now served all year around, and for the first time since exports began in the early 90’s, North America is now the dominant export market.

Within New Zealand, availability of venison is at an all-time low, as farmers retain product to facilitate herd growth, in response to the increased demand, and this has been compounded by difficult wet winter weather conditions that have inhibited stock movements.

The current situation where demand exceeds supply has created a shortage of product, which is being countered in some part by offering new items that place emphasis on utilising all parts of the carcass to create innovative and interesting dishes, as the flavour and tenderness of venison goes well with both simple and complex dishes. The leanness of venison also makes it cost effective, with little or no waste, and cuts that would be considered secondary in some other animals, can be used to create wonderful flavours and textures.

Carve Meat Company, Auckland, distributes Duncan Venison, and their Bistro Fillets, along with other products, offer consistency in flavour and tenderness that make Duncan Venison a well-known market leader. Duncan Venison is also available direct to the consumer through their online website, offering the consumer a variety of packs and cuts to cater to all occasions. Contact Carve meats on 0800 493 253 or or Duncan NZ Ltd. on 09 530 8700 or at