New research indicates global favourites for cakes based on the number of times that it is searched online—New Zealand’s most-searched is banana cake. The global leader? Chocolate cake.

A leading range cooker brand in the U.K., Leisure, analysed global search volumes for 249 popular cake flavours, and results represented an average from the previous 12 months. In New Zealand, banana cake was searched around 12,100 times a month. In comparison, across the world, chocolate cake was searched an average of 394,050 times. Chocolate cake was a runner up in New Zealand, with an average of around 8,100 searches. Globally, second place was taken out by red velvet cake, which placed sixth in New Zealand. Third place in both New Zealand and the world was carrot cake.

New Zealand’s top ten are as follows:

  1. Banana cake
  2. Chocolate cake
  3. Carrot cake
  4. Vanilla cupcake
  5. Lemon cake
  6. Red velvet cake
  7. Sponge cake
  8. Chocolate cupcake
  9. Hummingbird cake
  10. Apple cake