BCS Foodpak has secured the distribution of Pregel’s Gelato Panini Press within New Zealand and is importing the machines directly from America. This innovative frozen dessert machine can toast and seal a sweet bun or unglazed doughnut, filled with gelato and toppings, to create a unique Panini Gelato in just eight seconds. The non-stick coated plates are hot enough to warm the bread and seal the edges quickly, so the gelato remains frozen.

This dessert will be the star feature on a dessert menu in restaurants and cafés. The machine is also suitable for mobile vendors, who will be able to extend their offerings with far higher profit margins and still be using ingredients already around them.

In addition to the Panini Press, BCS Foodpak also stocks and supplies other in-demand machinery. The most popular of these is the Flavorama, a real fruit ice cream blending machine. This well-known machine is the market leader and can be found on most berry farms. It is a profitable drawcard which allows customers to blend frozen fruit with ice cream or yoghurt for a healthy dessert.

Single and Double Head Milkshake machines and a Smoothie Blender complete the machinery offerings from BCS Foodpak.

See the full range, and a demonstration video of the Panini Press, on www.bcsfoodpak.co.nz.