The first Black British Bee colony was introduced to the Chatham Islands in the 18th century. Modern-day Chatham Island bees are varroa mite disease-free, making their honey organic and unpasteurised. Given the remoteness of the Chatham Islands, practicality is an influential part of life—something that Go Wild Freeze Dried Honey has been born out of. Go Wild has a unique point of difference and a distinctive Chatham Islands taste. Go Wild Freeze Dried Honey can be used in anything from a topping on blue cod ceviche, beef or venison carpaccio, an ice cream topper, a cheese platter additive, or even dissolved into a drink, coulis or sauce. The brand has storage on mainland New Zealand so that direct deliveries can be easily organised around the country. Add a point of locally-sourced difference to your menu with Go Wild. For more information visit gowild.shop.