Nestled inside the freshly opened Westfield Newmarket Mall, L’Americano Espresso Bar offers diners a comfortable and colourful place to escape the crowds in. If the smell of beautiful espresso and freshly prepared meals and baked goods is not enough to entice customers, the welcoming staff are sure to do the job.

As a part of Coco Republic, a high-end Australian furniture retailer, customers can flow between the two shops for an equally exquisite retail and foodservice experience. This very partnership enhances each experience.

Transported straight to the Italian Riviera, customers can view a menu laden with a wide range of authentic options to choose from. Depending on what time of the day one arrives, the menu has everything from prima colazione, or breakfast, to pranzo, lunch, or dolci, the sweets. The wine list is extensive and offers diners the perfect matching for the decadent meals.

From their tables, customers can watch the meats being freshly shaved, as well as the baristas preparing the coffees. Drawing on the film noir, The Talented Mr Ripley, the café exudes the charm of a 1950s Italian espresso bar, and completely blocks out the bustle of the mall outside.

Swing past L’Americano, and let the superbly designed menu, by Antonio Crisci, and the coffee, by Vittoria Coffee, take you to the coastal waters of the Italian Riviera.

Antonio Crisci