In 2017 ServiceIQ launched at Parliament a series of Regional Roadmaps to help address a looming skills shortage in New Zealand’s retail, hospitality, aviation, travel, tourism and museum industries. Now, they have released fresh updates, allowing people to see how each region is tracking.

Fifteen Regional Roadmaps were created by ServiceIQ, in collaboration with businesses, industry associations, regional government agencies, councils, chambers of commerce and community groups. Each one included a vision and action plan and sets out initiatives that regions can follow to help build a talent pool to meet new growth.

The response from regional stakeholders is favourable, said new ServiceIQ Chief Executive Andrew McSweeney.

“Feedback shows the information helps to provide direction and make decisions that can benefit a region’s economic and social development.”

Most of the updates feature the latest economic forecasts from Infometrics on employment growth between 2017 and 2022. A range of initiatives undertaken across the country will help workers gear-up and develop the right skills to fill forecasted job openings across the sectors.

To help attract the right people into industry, ServiceIQ has contributed in several ways. This includes working with secondary schools to offer students Gateway programmes that give them real hands-on experience of what it’s like to work in retail, hospitality, aviation and tourism; and creating the Service Career Kick-Starter Guide and 360˚ Video Experience Apps that have been a big hit with students and teachers.