Workers from Wendy’s protested the fast food chain over the weekend after a court ruled in favour of the company. Wendy’s workers went on strike at the end of May after complaints that the company had reduced the hours of union members by up to 20 percent. Wendy’s responded by taking the workers to Employment Court, where it was ruled that the protesters were trespassing on Wendy’s land.

“They were saying that what we were doing was illegal in part because we were allegedly trespassing,” said the union’s national director, Mike Treen. “We were disputing that.”

The workers protested outside the company’s Dominion Road store from 5 to 7pm on Saturday – just in time to catch the crowds arriving for the All Blacks game at Eden Park. The Dominion Road protesters were accompanied by a giant inflatable rat.

The union had allegedly been sent a map highlighting areas which the protesters were not allowed to occupy, despite some of those areas not being owned by Wendy’s. The workers were abiding by the Employment Court’s decision but are now looking to challenge whether or not the court has the right to impose such an injunction.