Taco Bell is all prepared to open its first New Zealand store this week.

After months of speculation, the American powerhouse brand is finally arriving on our shores. Located at The Brickworks, LynnMall, Taco Bell has planned a big day for its opening, including games and merchandise.

“Taco Bell is culture-centric, often defying the conventions of traditional fast food,” said Clark Wilson, general manager of Taco Bell. “Around the world, it has attracted social media memes and casts of international celebrity mentions, Taco Bell is all about the social experience of food, and we’re excited for this spirit to live on in New Zealand.”

This Taco Bell store is especially significant, as it merges the iconic brand with a touch of locality. One of the walls of the restaurant is covered in a mural that pays homage to western Auckland. The colourful and fun space offers the perfect space to share a taco and margarita.

“While a priority for us has been on first launching the brand successfully in market, we can now shift our focus to the next phase,” said Russel Creedy, Restaurant Brands Group CEO. “At this stage, we are securing locations within the main metropolitans of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with the view to expanding further afield in the coming years.”

The breach into the New Zealand market represents the thirtieth nation to house the bell. “We are excited to launch Taco Bell here in Auckland, in partnership with Restaurant Brands Group, and look forward to expanding throughout New Zealand with the goal of delighting our fans along the way,” said Ankush Tuli, managing director Asia Pacific Taco Bell.

“Our brand is gaining significant momentum across the world as more and more people fall in love with the unique Taco Bell experience of Mexican-inspired food, at unbelievable value,” said Tuli.