A new app developed by Barclaycard will help diners with unfamiliar menu items after a survey revealed that almost 90 percent of restaurant-goers in Britain admitted that they don’t always know what it is that they’re ordering. The app, which will be launched on a trial basis, will allow diners to see what dishes and ingredients will look like and what they are made from.

“We all love eating out but choosing the right meal can make or break the overall experience,” said Kirsty Morris, director at Barclaycard Payment Solutions. “It is telling that so many diners are calling for technology to sidestep the embarrassment of having to ask what ingredients are. This is why we have developed a prototype app that restaurants could adopt to help diners feel more confident in their menu choices. We hope that our research and Transplater will provide valuable insights to help restaurateurs create the best dining experience possible for their customers.”