Tulip Pulled Pork is ideal for foodservice sandwich prep as it is a convenient way to serve a top-quality product. It comes as a piece that can be heated and pulled apart – the extended shelf life avoids food wastage, as chefs only heat as much or as little as necessary. Not only will cafés cut down on wastage and potential lost revenue, but it also takes the guesswork out of food preparation.

The Tulip Pulled Pork is manufactured using retort technology which retains the quality of the product while maintaining an extended shelf life. The Pulled Pork has been produced in a neutral brine, allowing chefs to add their own twist to the meat. The fact that it is not pre-pulled allows the product to retain the moisture and an authentic pulled pork look, especially when used in sandwiches.

The decision to leave the Pulled Pork flavour profile as authentic as possible has allowed RTC to match it with the Tamarillo Relish made by Tamco. The marriage of flavours compliments each product, moist pulled pork with tangy Tamarillo Relish. Furthermore, the United Fisheries Bao buns have complimented the flavours of the Pulled Pork and Tamarillo Relish without taking the focus away from the fillings. Bao buns are so versatile that chefs could add a hint of chilli, coriander and lime through the Pulled Pork to give it that Asian flair.

Collaborations such as this are becoming more and more common as suppliers decide to work together to create the optimum foodservice product. Both RTC Foods and Tamco were on the same page when it came to this collaboration, both looking for like-minded products that complemented and enhanced each other. It was important to both companies with the products they had to offer that they got it right. The result is a tasty yet unexpected sandwich filling, sure to interest customers.