Chomp was built by hospitality professionals, born from the frustration and inefficiencies of using pen and paper recording. Chomp is an innovative app that takes a paper Food Control Plan and displays necessary tasks, every day, week, month or year, on an easy to use digital format. Chomp addresses and records all tasks required in the 2014 Food Safety Act making businesses audit-ready at any time.

Chomp provides dashboard access and control of an FCP from anywhere, e-mailed reports showing each venues FCP (missing data, issues highlighted), improved staff engagement (Food Safety Training included) and saves money and time.

Chomp has been growing rapidly with clients enjoying the security of knowing that their plan is being followed, staff are engaged and the fear of audits eliminated. It’s so easy to use and manage a Food Control Plan, every day, with no surprises.

Suzanne Braks, director/manager of Autobahn Group Ltd, uses Chomp. “Chomp makes mine and my staff’s life easier,” she said. “I can see my venues Food Control Plan in one place from anywhere. I would be happy to recommend Chomp – everybody should be using it!”

Chomp Benefits:

– Full access and control of your FCP from anywhere

– Emailed reports showing venue(s) FCP (any missing data, problems highlighted)

– Improved staff engagement (Food Safety Training included)

– Saving of $3500 a year in staff hours 

For business owners who want those folders out of their kitchen and to give staff the time back to service customers, visit and book a no-obligation demonstration.