Fast food fans in Southern California have been noticing a change – a Burger King or McDonald’s will close down, only to be taken over by another company within a matter of months. The new company, Plant Power Fast Food, still serves burgers, fried and shakes. It’s just that everything on the menu is vegan.

Jeffrey Harris, Zach Vouga and Mitch Wallis started Plant Power Fast Food as a reaction to the impact that animal based food consumption can have on the health of Americans. Plant Power Fast Food first launched in San Diego in  January 2016, opening a second location only 18 months later.

“The fast-food industry has successfully answered a need by providing a convenient way to get our meals on the go while at the same time delivering a consistent taste experience. The downside is that, by and large, this type of food isn’t very good for you,” said Harris. “Our goal has been to inspire people to begin to ask themselves some important questions about where our food comes from and perhaps to begin to think differently about their choices. But we’re not doing it in a way that’s preachy or confrontational.”

According to Harris it is not vegans or vegetarians who are driving the success of the business – it is meat eaters who are wanting to try something new. While the company is currently only focussed on the Southern California region, it plans to expand nationwide as a franchise model.