The Essential Ingredient

Time is always of the essence in a foodservice setting, and anything which can help chefs speed up their processes is always a welcome addition to what can often be a stressful situation. Prep solution products mean that chefs can provide a consistent product while taking away from the stress and managing unpredictable fresh stock.

As chefs, the team at Foundation Stocks & Glazes know that preparing fresh stocks and glazes is a continual demand on the resources in any kitchen. Consistency of flavour and cost effectiveness are paramount. Prep solutions save time, space, food safety and health and safety risks by delivering consistent, quality stocks that chefs can rely on, in the exact quantities they need.

Foundation Stocks & Glazes only makes stocks and glazes, so their kitchen is focussed on providing the best quality product for a specific purpose. The company was established in 1995 by a butcher turned chef who saw an opportunity to provide a high-quality solution to some of the age-old challenges in the professional kitchen – limited time and space, and access to raw materials. Through hard work, dedication and clever innovation, Foundation Stocks & Glazes grew from humble beginnings serving the chefs and restaurants of Christchurch to become a trusted staple of numerous professional kitchens the length and breadth of New Zealand.

The team at Foundation Stocks & Glazes carefully select the finest fresh New Zealand bones and vegetables, sourcing locally where possible. They pride themselves on using all-natural products with no additives, preservatives or added gelatine. The ingredients are from fully traceable New Zealand farms and sustainably managed New Zealand fisheries. Foundation is committed to environmentally sustainable and ethical business practices.

Foundation’s stringent quality control is built on fully approved food safety and risk management programmes. Based on the internationally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems, regular independent auditing as required by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industry provides rigorous food safety and quality testing of Foundation products and production practices.

Furthermore, Foundation is committed to environmental sustainability. The factory is fuelled on the fat by-product of making the stocks, and reuses wastewater to irrigate the surrounding paddocks, which a farmer regularly cuts for hay. Inwards raw materials are all transported in reusable bins, and the bone and vegetable by-products are taken away and rendered into fertiliser.

Foundation works with their customers to meet the specific nutritional needs of all diners, including plant-based and vegetarian. In the future the company is looking at launching a duck glaze and vegetable stock. Foundation Stocks & Glazes can be purchased through all good wholesalers and are available in a variety of sizes, from 500gm through to 5kg.