A popular South Island Thai restaurant chain have fallen victim to Russian hackers, with someone using the ‘Menu’ section of their website to sell prescription drugs. The website is peddling drugs such as Viagra and Prozac, which varies depending on which chain the user is trying to access.

The owners of Poppy Thai, which has restaurants throughout the South Island, said that they had received a few complaints but did not know much about computers.

“They came in to have a look at the menu here, and said they can’t find the menu on our website,” said owner Dara Ching. “I say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about it’. I don’t know what’s wrong. In Christchurch they also told my son their website was not working, but the people in Nelson don’t seem to know.”

Ching said she wasn’t too fussed about the hacking but wanted to fixed so that her customers wouldn’t be inconvenienced. He son Danny, the managing director, said that he was going to get his website administrator to fix the problem.

“I think most of our customers rely on our Facebook page for menus instead of our website, so probably not that many people have been affected. But it is irritating.”

The domain name was registered to a man in Yekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia. He currently hosts 1,493 other websites on his server.