Environmentally-conscious restaurant owners or chefs can often be uncomfortable with the amount of products sent to them in non-friendly, hard to dispose of packaging such as polystyrene. These containers need to be disposed of at extra cost, as they cannot go into a standard waste management skip. Furthermore, chefs believe that the smell of polystyrene chemicals can taint fish and other seafood; a fact endorsed by some of the top seafood chefs in the country. Some major food stores are now directing their food suppliers to not ship product in polystyrene boxes.

Don’t be afraid to suggest a change to suppliers. New Zealand can no longer rely on other countries taking and disposing of its plastic waste. Chilltainers offers an alternative food-grade, sustainable chilled product packaging. Chilltainers are made from specialised corrugated cardboard laminated with an impermeable reflective metallised polyester. For more information call 021 442 638 or email